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The Witch of Portobello
2010-06-26, 10:41 PM


 The Witch of Portobello

 Paulo Coelho

 ზომა: 588კ

 ჟანრი: რომანი, ფანტასტიკა, teen 

 ფორმატი: PDF


 As the book begins, Athena is dead. How she ended up that way creates the intrigue sustaining the book.[2] The child, Sherine Khalil renames herself Athena. As a child, she shows a strong religious vocation and reports seeing angels and saints, which both impresses and worries her parents.

 She grows into a woman in search of answers to many questions that arise within a person. She has a contented life but her mind is not at ease. So she sets out to find answers to the classical question of "Who am I?" through many experiences. In her quest, she opens her heart to intoxicating powers and becomes a controversial spiritual leader in London.

The Witch of Portobello knows all. But the best way of knowing the meaning of life is by learning from one's student. A teacher can only make us aware of our capabilities but finding the right path is up to the student. There are many ways to achieve happiness by being close to the Mother.

კატეგორია: რომანი | დაამატა: Liku
ნანახია: 836 | გადაწერილია: 3 | კომენტარი: 2 | რეიტინგი: 0.0/0
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