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2010-06-26, 10:54 PM

 Clive Cussler

 ზომა: 1,2მ

 ჟანრი: რომანი, სათავგადასავლო

 ფორმატი: LIT

 This is one of NUMA agent Dirk Pitt's most exciting adventures, he travels to the Sahara in search of an old ironclad from Civil War times. Along the way he encounters a stunning woman who tells him of a plague affecting local residents. The plot twists as Dirk finds a corporation is behind the illnesses and a growing red algae outbreak. He tries to thwart them and meanwhile finds a mysterious airplane in the desert that turns out to be part of legend. Dirk and his gang of NUMA scientists daringly try to find a way to save the local people, find the lost ship and get out of Africa alive.

კატეგორია: რომანი | დაამატა: Liku
ნანახია: 841 | გადაწერილია: 5 | კომენტარი: 3 | რეიტინგი: 5.0/1
სულ კომენტარები: 0
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