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Outlander 05- Fiery Cross
2010-07-02, 7:38 PM
 Fiery Cross

 Diana Gabaldon

 Outlander series - book 5


 ზომა: 3.3 მბ

 ჟანრი: რომანი, სათავგადასავლო, ფანტასტიკა, ისტორიული

 ფორმატი: PDF

 Claire and Jamie Fraser and her daughter Brianna with her husband and baby son are starting a new life in the back-country of North Carolina. Well-born Jamie, courtesy of his friend the Governor of the Colony, holds the title to a large grant of rugged, uncultivated land in the mountains which he plans to tame, and share with his fellow-exiles. In return he must raise a regiment of fighting men, something which makes him uneasy - he's seen enough of war. Claire, though, knows that another one is coming - and soon. Ever since she learned to 'travel through the stones' from one century to another she's been both helped and plagued by what seems an unnatural prescience and the stored memories of other lives which have given her an education and abilities others lack. Medical experience in the 20th century has endowed her with the skills to heal the sick and injured, but not access to the drugs and equipment she sometimes needs...

კატეგორია: რომანი | დაამატა: Liku
ნანახია: 1226 | გადაწერილია: 1 | კომენტარი: 1 | რეიტინგი: 5.0/1
სულ კომენტარები: 0
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