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The Girlfriend Curse
2010-08-04, 10:01 PM
 The Girlfriend curse

 Valerie Frankel

  ზომა: 925.45 KBs

 ჟანრი: რომანი, adult, sci-fi

 ფორმატი: PDF

 It’s uncanny! Within six months breaking up her, Peg Silver’s ex-lovers always meet marry women of ir dreams. Even worse than being eternal bridesmaid, she’s last girlfriend, one who awakens in guy knowledge what he’s always wanted in relationship …and it’s never Peg. Obviously, major lifestyle change seriously called for, which why distraught interior landscape designer says good-bye Manhattan late-night lattes pal Nina, hello to farmhouse ten acres tiny, backwater Manshire, Vermont, hoping meet ultimate, all-organic country man (without too much facial hair) keep her warm those frosty New England winters.

Instead, Peg finds herself at Inward Bound – proactive adult-education retreat for hapless hopelessly lovelorn – try lift her dreaded "girlfriend curse.” A steamy (and expressly forbidden) dalliance gorgeous woman-eater Ray probably isn’t going help cure her. But some romantic insight could arise from her attraction Linus, Inward Bound’s sexy, scruffy, smart still-single founder. Perhaps re is secret be unearthed in crunchy Green Mountains, one that will magically transform Peg Silver from Perpetual Also Ran to Big Winner love.

კატეგორია: რომანი | დაამატა: Liku
ნანახია: 1172 | გადაწერილია: 6 | კომენტარი: 4 | რეიტინგი: 0.0/0
სულ კომენტარები: 4


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