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Island Girls (and boys)
2010-08-30, 3:37 AM
 Island Girls (and boys)

 Rachel Hawthorne

 Just 3 girls (and 3 dogs, 2 boyfriends and 1 true love)

 ზომა: 382კ

 ჟანრი: რომანი, teen

 ფორმატი: PDF

 Island Girls (And Boys) is a great summer read - romantic, funny, touching and thoroughly real. Jen Taylor is looking forward to a summer spent at her grandparents' beach house with her two best friends: Chelsea and Amy. It's their last summer together before they're separated by college. They'll work, they'll hang out - it will be perfect. Only Jen doesn't count on the devotion of Chelsea's boyfriend. Jen doesn't count on meeting a guy with eyes the color of a deep ocean. And Jen doesn't count on Amy's passion for taking in strays - dogs, cats, and boys. I don't normally like romance novels but this one took me right back to my teens, especially the frustration of friends who won't do things your way even when you know you're right! (Yeah, I was an obnoxious over-planner, good girl too.) The dialogue rings true, the pace and characterization keep you turning pages raptly, and the themes of friendship and freedom are poignant without being preachy. If you have room for one more beach book - nab this one. It's terrific.

კატეგორია: რომანი | დაამატა: Liku
ნანახია: 823 | გადაწერილია: 7 | კომენტარი: 1 | რეიტინგი: 5.0/2
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